Past Teams

Past BFFL Franchises

Here is the list of previous BFFL Franchises and their overall records and then anything else of note.

There have been 33 total franchises in the history of the BFFL. 24 are listed here in the Archive. Of the 24 only six have finished their BFFL career with a winning record.

Many of the teams listed played in BFFL II and BFFL III when the league consisted of 2 ten team conferences, an AFC and NFC. Each conference had its own draft.

Of the 24 listed below only 4 franchises own Super Bowl Trophies. Wait N’ See won the inaugural trophy, the Chupies won it all in 2000 and  the Terds took the hardware in SuperBowl V.

Other teams that experienced BFFL success include Da’Boys who finished with a 25-13 mark and 2 Division Titles in 3 seasons. The Air Up There completed their BFFL run with a pair of Division Titles and a 23-12-2 mark. Other notables include The Posse (7-5), The End Zone Boyz (7-4-1) and The Hustlers (7-5) who all finished their single BFFL years with a winning record. The Terds had a nice long 9 season run, but finished only 2 over .500 at 59-57.

The one last team of note is the franchise that was owned by Jeff Bock. The team was initially known as the Pack Attack but later changed its name to Bock By Popular Demand. BBPD played five seasons in the BFFL and though they finished with a less than stellar 29-33-2 mark, they did have one season of note. In BFFL II the Pack Attack scored 821 points en route to a 12-1 regular season record. The next closest team that year scored 576 points, nearly 250 points behind.

Da Real J’s/Chupacabras (Jason Gomez)

Overall Record 73-81-1
Playoff Record 6-6
Superbowl Titles 00
Division Titles 99
Playoff Appearances 97-00,02,04,05
Team of the Week 16 time
Scoring Titles none

Treffer Hogs (Randy Treffer)

Overall Record 12-14
Playoff Record 1-1
Superbowl Titles 0
Division Titles 11
Playoff Appearances 11
Team of the Week 1 time
Scoring Titles none

Bad Boys (David Martin)

Overall Record 11-15

Jaded Jackals / Motorola Sprites  (Jimmy Smith)

Overall Record 10-16
Playoff Record 0-1

The Green Terds (Javier Jimenez)

Overall Record 59-57
Playoff Record 5-6 (Superbowl V, Div Title 99)

End Zone Boyz (Thomas Venegas)

Overall Record 7-4-1
Playoff Record 0-1

The Posse (Milton Mathis)

Overall Record 7-5
Playoff Record 0-1

Lost Mighty Patos (George Arenas)

Overall Record 5-6-1
Playoff Record 0-1

Spanish Fly (George Moreno)

Overall Record 3-9

Siamese Wildcats (Jaroon Thompson)

Overall Record 5-6-1
Playoff Record 1-1

Rednecks (Donnie Smith)

Overall Record 11-15
Playoff Record 0-1

Da’ Boys (Stephen Shelton)

Overall Record 25-13
Playoff Record 0-2
Division Titles 95,97

Wait N’ See (Stacy Scott)

Overall Record 18-20
Playoff Record 3-0 (Superbowl Title,BFFL I)

The Only Way to Fly (Mike Martinez)

Overall Record 15-23
Playoff Record 2-1
Division Titles 95

The Air Up There (Randy Scott)

Overall Record 23-12-2
Playoff Record 1-2
Division Titles 95,96

Boombastic/The Bread Men (Jason Paniagua)

Overall Record 11-13
Playoff Record 0-1

Hustlers (Joe Bromely)

Overall Record 7-5
Playoff Record 0-1

Champions (Troy Shelton)

Overall Record 6-6
Playoff Record 2-1

Bud Light Raiders (Zeke Loera)

Overall Record 6-6

Texas Packer Backers(Stone Slade)

Overall Record 1-9-2


Overall Record 4-8


Overall Record 4-9

Pack Attack/Bock By Popular Demand (Jeff Bock)

Overall Record 29-33-2
Playoff Record 1-2
Division Titles 96

The Phat Crew (Rudy Alba)

Overall Record 37-28
Playoff Record 2-4
Superbowl Titles 0
Division Titles 07,08
Playoff Appearances 06,07,08,10
Team of the Week 5.5 times
Scoring Titles 1