For many years I have been keeping around a directory with stuff from beginning of the BFFL. I decided it was time to clean that directory out and put all of those spreadsheets and other information here instead of storing it on my server. Some of it is nostalgic and some is quite fascinating. Either way I hope you find something here to enjoy.

1995 BFFL Season 1

Here are the remnants of the first season of the BFFL.  We were 12 teams and no internet.

1996 BFFL Season 2

Season 2, big step going to 20 teams, a few extras from that year including the printed newsletters.

1997 BFFL Season 3

This is some of the leftover history from that 3rd season in the BFFL

1998 BFFL Season 4

Some interesting stuff from the first year on the web.

1999 BFFL Season 5

Second year on the web, more icing from that 5th season of the BFFL.

2000 BFFL Season 6

Some goodness from the first season in the new millenium

2001 BFFL Season 7

Tidbits to complete the 7th Season of the BFFL

2002 BFFL Season 8

Leftover nuggets from the 2002 season.

2003 BFFL Season 9

The ‘b’ side of the 9th season

2004 BFFL Season 10

Leftovers from BFFL X

2005 BFFL Season 11

Some leftovers from the  2005 season.

  • In 2005 the MFFL migrated to the BFFL and we tried the Fox Sports free leagues.  Click the pic and you can see why we moved to CBS.  Note the first game score.

2006 BFFL Season 12

Scraps from the 12th Edition

  • Here is the kickoff newsletter from June 0f 06 BFFL XII Newsletter
  • The Draft day spreadsheet the Commish used to track the draft bffl 12 2006 draft
  • This is a bit outside of the BFFL, but the Commish won his inaugural Synopsys IT league and here is the record of that SNPS IT 06

2007 BFFL Season 13

More odds and ends from the season that was XIII

  • Here is the draft day spreadsheet used by the commish including the draft itself. DRAFTDAY07
  • In 2007 my Dynasty League team had one amazing day 
  • Here is the 13 preseason newsletter BFFL13Newsletter

2008 BFFL Season 14

A little bit more from the fourteenth season of the BFFL

2009 BFFL Season 15

Stuff from the 2009 Season of the BFFL

  • Here is the Championship game score from the website.

2010 BFFL Season 16

The extended edition stuff from year 16

  • The Championship game score
  • The 2010 Lottery Lunch results from Serranos 

2011 BFFL Season 17

The 17th go round had some extra stuff

  • Championship game and a very odd one with both teams having key players with no points 
  • Here is the score from the BFFL Dynasty Superbowl.

2012 BFFL Season 18

Some extras from the 2012 season

  • In the BFFL Dynasty League a very nice score this year 
  • Here are the 2012 BFFL Final Regular Season standings BFFL 18 Regular Season Standings and 
    BFFL 18 Reg Seas Standings

    BFFL 18 Reg Seas Standings

  • The Roster for the BFFL regular league at the end of the season.

    BFFL 18 Rosters final

    BFFL 18 Rosters final

2013 BFFL Season 19

Some extras from the 2012 season

  • The Roster for the BFFL regular league at the end of the season.
2013 BFFL Reg Rosters

2013 BFFL Reg Rosters



sounds of the bffl…

For many years after the laptop became a staple of the draft,  during the draft I  had these .wav files I would play during the draft.  I could not chunk them so here they are for the nostalgia…