Season 21

I say it every year. I love this time of the year.

It is not because of the basketball playoffs. I am not a basketball fan.

It is not because of the hockey playoffs. I am not a fan of hockey either.

It is because both of those championship rounds mean their seasons are coming to a close and we are entering the slowest part of the sports year, the calm before the storm. It also means that when they end, NFL training camps are only a few short weeks away.

Training camps mean the NFL season is just around the corner, and with the advent of the NFL season so begins the yearly quest for Fantasy Football immortality.

For the the BFFL it will be the 21st season of this storied tradition. 21 seasons. 21 falls have come and gone. 21 years. 21 SuperBowl Champions. 3 US Presidents and 5 presidential elections have passed in that time. The Commish has passed through 3 decades of life, from his 20’s to his 30’s into his 40’s.

Despite the constant change, the drive to win one more time, or maybe even for the first time still resides within. Fantasy Football is one of the few hobbies I have. With 4 kids and a busy life it is hard to have many, but I have a life long passion for NFL Football and then by extension Fantasy Football.

It is likely to be a tough year this year in the NFL for my beloved 49ers, so success in Fantasy Football will be much more satisfying. I always look to a new season with great enthusiasm anyway.

Season 21 of the BFFL is going to get started very soon. Stay tuned for the details.

The Commish


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