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2014 BFFL Draft Lottery


20 for 20

It is the 20th Anniversary of the BFFL and there have been some strange and interesting things happen during those 20 years.  I have put some them together here in the form of a quiz   See how many you can get right without looking at the answers. Use the numbered answer key at the end and paste your answers back into the comment on the post.  I will post the answers before the draft.

  1. I post every year regarding the previous champs, but there is a related list and it contains the teams that have reached the big show and lost! Do you know who has done that more times than any other team? 
  2. The Rogainers have been to the playoffs 15 seasons of the 19 to earn the prize for the most playoff appearances, but do you know who has the longest current playoff streak?
  3. In the first round of the very first draft, 12 players were selected. 8 are in the Hall of Fame. There will eventually be 9.  Name the player that is not in yet, but will be very soon.
  4. In year 1 the Commish had 2 family members in the BFFL. Who are they and what notable achievement marked each team’s first year?
  5. Name the franchise that will celebrate their 20th season this year having never changed their franchise name?

BFFL Drafts have featured a wide variety of players over the years and there some interesting items regarding the 19 previous drafts.

  1. In 19 Previous drafts has one position group ever been drafted exclusively in the first round? If you answered yes, then which position do you think it was?
  2. There are no players still playing in the NFL since the inaugural BFFL Draft. There is one player that is still in the NFL from Season 2, can you name him?
  3. One Player has the distinction of being drafted in the first round of Season 6 and then 5 more times in the first round, including last year Season 19. Can you name him?
  4. There have been 5 Johnson’s drafted in the first round, can you name them?
  5. Brett Favre, Shaun Alexander and Edgerrin James have the distinction of being drafted 6 times in the first round of BFFL drafts. One player has been drafted 7 times in the first round, can you name him?
  6. Marshall Faulk and Brett Favre have the distinction of being drafted number 1 overall twice each. 2 Players are better than that, can you name them and the number of times they have been drafted number one overall.
  7. 2 Players from the same NFL draft class and same college were drafted in the first round of the same BFFL draft, can you name them? (Hint: they were part of the same backfield in college)
  8. Ok this next question will only be answerable by the long time vets, but a player was once drafted by one of our owners in the first round and the reason given for the selection, was that this owner had run him through a complete season in the new Madden and he had scored like 20 TD’s. Name the owner and the player.
  9. One more for the vets, a certain player has been drafted 3 times in the first round of the draft. One of those three times, it was punishment for one of the owners showing up 10 minutes late to the draft. Name the player and the owner.

Interesting fact Mark Brunell, Ron Dayne, Jamaal Anderson, Vinnie Testaverde, Kordell Stewart, Antonio Freeman, Willis Mcgahee, Marion Barber and Laurence Maroney have all made first round appearances.

  1. The Trojans and Phat Crew both have drafted from the top spot twice. No other owner has ever drafted more than once at the top, EXCEPT Brown Power. We all know he has drafted the last three years in a row from the top and 4 of the last 5 seasons. How many times overall has Brown Power been the number 1 pick?
  2. How many times has the Super Bowl Champ been the team with the best regular season record?
  3. How many times has the Super Bowl Champ been the regular season scoring champ?
  4. Leaving the technical argument aside for a moment, and just accounting decades as is popular in our culture, which team has one Super Bowl Titles in three different decades, the 90’s, 00’s and 10’s?
  5. Name the colors that have been part of BFFL team names?
  6. Based on the Years of Peter King articles you would think that the Branch Davidians have beaten the Rogainers in the playoffs 15-20 times. They have actually faced 5 times. Their last meeting goes all the way back to season 11. The Branch Davidians are 3-2 vs Rogainers in playoff games including 2 Super Bowl wins. The Rogainers 1 Super Bowl win was against the Branch Davidians. So there is a bit of a rivalry, though much hotter in the first decade of the BFFL. The question is which 2 teams have met the most times in playoff history?























BFFL Champions!

19 Seasons have come and gone, here are the 19 past champions.

I. (1995) Wait N’ See defeated The Only Way to Fly
II. (1996) The Losers defeated NoBRAINers
III. (1997) The Losers defeated Branch Davidians
IV. (1998) Branch Davidians defeated NoBRAINers
V. (1999) The Terds defeated The Chupacabras
VI. (2000) Chupacabras defeated the NoBRAINers
VII. (2001) Branch Davidians defeated the NoBRAINers
VIII. (2002) The Trojans defeated the Branch Davidians
IX. (2003) The Losers defeated the Fighting Elvi
X (2004) The Rogainers defeated Branch Davidians
XI. (2005) Criminoles defeated Branch Davidians
XII. (2006) Brown Power defeated Fighting Elvi
XIII. (2007) Brown Power defeated Phat Crew
XIV (2008) Horns defeated Rogainers
XV. (2009) Criminoles defeated The Horns
XVI. (2010) Branch Davidians defeated Hispanic Causing Panic
XVII. (2011) The Horns defeated The Treffer Hogs
XVIII (2012) The Horns defeated the Branch Davidians
XIX. (2013) The Horns defeated the Criminoles.

2013 Rewind

0E134893-1C48-11E4-BE03-7EB6B7B99C03-540x360It began as it ended…

The 2013 Season began just as the 2012 season began. The Horns began the year as the defending Super Bowl Champions of the BFFL.
The 2013 Draft also began just as the 2012 draft began with Brown Power picking in the 1st spot for the 3rd year in a row and the 4th time in 5 years. Many had come to the conclusion that there was collusion or that Edward had sold his soul to the dark side. Regardless here is a look at the 2013 draft order with the 2st round picks included.

2013 1st Round Draft
1 Brown Power Adrian Peterson
2 The Trojans Doug Martin
3 Rogainers Arian Foster
4 The Horns Jamaal Charles
5 B. Davidians Marshawn Lynch
6 Nightmares C.J. Spiller
7 Austin Villains Peyton Manning
8 HCP Calvin Johnson
9 Criminoles Drew Brees
10 The Losers Ray Rice

For the second time in three years Brown Power kicked off the BFFL season with the first pick of AD. As is nearly always the case in the BFFL, running backs dominated round 1 with 7 of the first 10 going to that position. 8 more came off the board in round 2. 169 picks after AD the 19th draft concluded with the pick of Ryan Succop. Every year there are the draft steals and this year was no different. Round 17 the Trojans were able to secure the services of Josh Gordon. Alshon Jeffery was a 16 round pick by the Criminoles. There were some notable 1st round bombs, players who did not live up to the pre-draft hype. Arian Foster and Doug Martin went 3 and 2 respectively and neither did much in injury plagued seasons. Second round picks Trent Richardson and Steven Jackson suffered similar fates.

With the draft complete the BFFL was ready to kick off the 19th Edition regular season to see if history could be made.

Rewrite the History Books.

Twice before a BFFL team had won Back to Back Super Bowls. Both times the team failed in the following season. Brown Power failed to make the playoffs in their three-peat season and the Losers made it all the way to Championship Sunday before falling. This time it would be the Horns who would get the shot at the three-peat. In 2011 The Horns parleyed a less than stellar 6-7 regular season into a hot playoff run and their 2nd Super Bowl in 3 years. The 3rd Super Bowl win and second in a row came in the 2012 season after a stellar 9-3-1 season in which the Horns fell 12 points short of the scoring title. Tied with the BD’s and the Losers for most Super Bowl wins at 3, the Horns quest in 2013 was to rewrite the history books by winning their 4th Super Bowl in 6 years and winning their 3rd in a row. Even an appearance in the Super Bowl would mean the Horns who joined the league in 2008 would have appeared in 5 of the last 6 Super Bowls. That is some ownage.

Regular Season 19

The season began very routinely with the Horns getting out to a 3-3 mark when the hump week came along in week 7. At week 7 the BD’s and Criminoles were at 5-2 and leading their divisions while the 2 time defending champs sat 1/2 game back of the West lead. HCP and the Rogainers got off to miserable 1-6 and 2-5 starts of which they would never recover from.
When the regular season finally came to an end in week 13 the Branch Davidians had ended the season at a very respectable 8-5 mark but had finished in a tie with the red hot Brown Power who won the Division on tie breakers. The Criminoles destroyed the East by 2 games with a stellar 10-3 mark.

Week 1 of the playoffs had the first time playoff bound Austin Villains battling the perennial playoff contending Branch Davidians and the Villains won convincingly on the road, 121-77. The defending champs and the Nigerian Nightmares played in the Saturday night game on NBC and the Horns quest for 3 remained alive after a hard fought 95-91 win over the Nightmares.

On to Championship Sunday where the Criminoles who had a first round bye, would host the upstart Austin Villains who are led by fellow niner fan, Richard Barnett. The Cinderella season would come crashing down on Championship Sunday for the Villains who lost 84-106. In the Sunday late game, the Horns went to South East Metro to face West Champs Brown Power, who were looking for their 3rd Super Bowl Title. Brown Power scored 105 points in the game, but it was not enough as the Defending Champs added 10 more to that to come home with at 115-105 victory over Brown Power. So the Horns who had just made it in at 7-6 were now on the cusp of rewriting the BFFL history books.

History is made

The Criminoles who were also on a mission to hoist their 3rd BFFL Lombardi, simply never showed up. The game mimicked the NFL Super Bowl as the Horns outscored the Criminoles by 45 points to complete the three-peat. No team in BFFL History has won three in row. And now in 2014 the Horns will attempt to continue to write those records as they will be gearing up for a 4th title.
Will the Horns win their 4th in a row and 5 th in 7 years? Can the Criminoles get back? How about the Trojans who missed the playoffs last year, but since 2000 has only missed 2 other times? How about 3 time champ the Losers? Dare we even mention HCP for fear of the jinx? How about the Rogainers who won Super Bowl X, is it their turn every 10 years? The season is just around the corner and we will found out if history is ready to be made again!

For your viewing pleasure here are the final regular season standings in 2013
East W L T
Criminoles 10 3
Nightmare 8 5
Austin Villains 6 7
HCP 4 9
The Losers 2 10 1

West W L T
B. Davidians 8 5
Brown Power 8 5
The Horns 7 6
Rogainers 6 7 0
The Trojans 5 7 1