Month: September 2011

Wednesday Morning Quarterback

Peter King: Austin, TX — Well gentlemen, after the first week of the BFFL is over we can take a look back at the week that was and see who the week’s winners were and of course losers (Sorry, not you Mr. Trzeciak!). I had the great opportunity to see the NBC game of the week, which featured the Chicago Cubs of the BFFL, HCP vs. The Trojans. This game was played in front of a standing room only crowd at Burger Stadium in South Austin, TX, for being the first game of the season the first 1000 fans received 2 free tacos from La Mexicana Bakery off of South First St. (No free chips, so sorry). This game came down to the wire with HCP (1-0) earning the first victory of the season over The Trojans 85-83 (0-1). There were some very interesting post game activities including a riot, let me ask you have you ever seen 1000 Mexicans fight over free tacos, trust me it wasn’t a pretty site. I interviewed Coach Escalante after the game, “Where are my free tacos?", coach I don’t know what to tell you. The coach seemed to be proud of the depth that he displayed at quarterback, “Phillip just played a game like only Phillip can play.” “Y Jose Flacco es muy bueno!!!!” My translation was little off on that one but you get the jest, congrats to the cubbies….errr HCP. The Trojans’ coach Ryan Rauschke declined comment for the story, but publicist Justin Bieber said, “Baby Baby Baby oh…..Baby Baby Baby oh!”

One of the this weekend’s league observation of the season were the upsets that featured all the brown owners of the BFFL winning in Week 1: Nigerian Nightmares, Brown Power, The Branch Davidians, HCP and Treffer Hogs, well 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.

To all the non-Mexican owners, Viva la raza!!!!!

Back to the games of course one of the more interesting surprises of the weekend was the game between the Nigerian Nightmare (1-0) vs. BFFL royalty The Losers (0-1). The game final outcome was 120-101 in favor of the Nightmares. This game was at the Loserdome and had over 42,000 people watch this beating handed down from the virgin owner from Africa. The Losers were heavily favored, however this game turned uglier than a GOP debate folks and that is saying something. The kings of Toto were led by dog humanitarian of the year Michael Vick, model Citizen Kenny Britt and just released from a south Austin jail Cedric Benson, no word yet if Orenthal James Simpson will be release on a work furlough from jail to join the team. I was able to catch up with Head Coach Dan “El Hefe Numero Segundo” Gilbert who told me, “We had our shanks ready for two weeks, there was nothing that was going to stop us, unless these Loser had the SPCA, the police, or the Travis county sheriff, we were golden.” Coach Yak on the other hand seemed to think that his team poor performance was due to Jelly Lice and Ben Coates no living up to potential………..I really didn’t have the heart to tell him. The double N’s were led by the scoring performance of Kenny Britt with a 29 point outing. Congrats to “El Hefe”, welcome to the big leagues.

Back to this weekend’s theme of upsets, no bigger upset was the game between the Criminoles (0-1) vs. Treffer Hogs (1-0). This game was played in the pig pen of Bob Shelton Stadium in Buda, TX. This journalist hasn’t seen such a ruckus for a game played for a BFFL opener. The south Austin bookies opened the line heavily favoring the Criminoles by -12.5 and boy did things get crazy from there. Not that I promote gambling in any way, but I decided to lay some change on our favorite Son of Anarchy before the game. Somehow we feel that this game may have been thrown due to seeing Coach Philly sporting a new Rolex after the game, asked where did he get the money for that sparkling new watch, his response was, “ I got paided fool”. The Kings of Bacon were led by the infamous Aaron Rogers and his 29 point outing. Talking with Coach Treffer via phone that night revealed a well devised game plan. “Peter, we knew it was going to be a tough game, the crowd starting chanting for Philly Philly Philly! Midway through the third quarter.” “We really didn’t know what to expect actually, other than we found out later that the visiting fans stole all the bleachers, concession stands, and TV’s within a three mild square radius.” The tensions were elevated after the game when special guest performer N.W.A started singing “Straight Outta Compton!”

The biggest scoring margin beat down came between The Horns (0-1) vs. Brown Power (1-0). This game was played; well we really don’t know where this game was played at. Our sources from NBC tell us that this game was so lopsided that the game was called in the 3rd quarter due to due the mercy rule. The final outcome was 137-87 and featured player of the week Mr. Gisele Bundchen…..errrr Tom Brady and his 64 point performance. Folks we haven’t seen a player performance like this in a long time and it was truly a spectacle to behold. Coach Pena told me after the game that he couldn’t have drafted a better team………no word on whether the coach actually did draft his team, but we will take him for his word, 😉

Finally, the biggest rivalry game of the BFFL, sure only one owner seems to think of this but we will go ahead and roll with this assumption, matched Texas vs. Rice…….errr, The Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Washington Generals…..errr, Westlake High School vs. the Johnston Rams….err, can you see a trend. The Branch Davidians (1-0) vs. the Rogainers (1-0) at Propecia Field in Pflugerville, TX. In a surprise The Branch Davidians went into Propecia Field and handed the Golden Domers their first loss of the season. We only say it was somewhat of a surprise considering that The Branch Davidians had been 0-3 in opening games the past three seasons. This is the first Branch Davidians opening game victory since 2007 when they defeated the San Francisco 49ers……..errr, Rogainers. We were able to talk to the leader of The Branch Davidians Owner/Team President/General Manager/FED Chairman/Head Coach David Koresh. “Well Peter, glad to see you made it to Texas, I know this is out of your environment, this ain’t Jersey!” “We have had a rough month of September for this franchise history in this league, heck if we even go .500 for the month of September over the past 15 years we probably would have won 8 or 9 championships.” “But we were very fortunate to get our bye in week 1 with the level of completion we were playing this week.” I had to get some more information from the leader of Mt. Carmel about his week one performance. “Peter, this team is not a one man team like my double AA buddy over there, we were just happy that the one they call ‘Bressus’ did up stage my healing power oh my brother!” Congrats to the team from Mt. Carmel on their first win of the season.

Well gentlemen it has been fun to share my thoughts with you about the opening week festivities. I am now on my way up I-35 to Waco, TX and Mt. Carmel where I will do another interview with the leader of The Branch Davidians for a column for you guys later this week. I will also include the Power Ranking for the first week of the season and share some thoughts going into week 2 of the BFFL season. For Peter King and NBC Football Night in America I am out. Ohhhhhh……Starbucks!!!!


A look at the 49ers-Cowboys rivalry

Ron Kroichick, Chronicle Staff Writer

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If today’s 49ers players want a lively reminder of the rich history between their franchise and the Dallas Cowboys, they need only listen to former wide receiver Dwight Clark.

Nearly 30 years after becoming an everlasting symbol of this rivalry, thanks to The Catch, Clark offered some insight into why the 49ers always loathed losing to the Cowboys – and savored toppling them from the throne.

"The America’s Team thing rubs the other 31 teams a little raw," he said Tuesday. "Not that they’re as much of an America’s Team now, and not that they have the arrogance now, but why are they America’s Team? They probably named themselves that. …

"They were just so arrogant back in the ’80s, like they were sitting on their high horse. When you lost to the Cowboys, it hurt bad. It was nice to knock them off."

Sunday’s game at Candlestick Park obviously lacks the importance of many previous games between these teams, but the history still matters. It just comes in different forms, given the age of the players now populating the locker room in Santa Clara.

Backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick spent most of his youth in Turlock (Stanislaus County), so he’s heard all about 49ers-Cowboys clashes of yesteryear. Kaepernick also was born in 1987, so his memory doesn’t stretch as far back as Roger Staubach and Preston Riley, or even Joe Montana and Clark.

Standing on a star

"The biggest thing I remember is T.O. standing on the star," Kaepernick said, smirking. "That was bold."

Terrell Owens did leave his stamp on the series, with his audacious touchdown celebrations at Texas Stadium on Sept. 24, 2000. But the 49ers and Cowboys planted themselves side-by-side in NFL lore – big-name players, big games, memorable endings – long before Owens raced to midfield and struck his self-absorbed pose.

They’ve met 25 times in the regular season heading into Sunday’s game. San Francisco has had more frequent foes – starting with the Rams (122 games) and Falcons (74), two longtime division rivals – but no opponent brings enduring images like the men with a single, blue star on their helmets.

Riley lets the ball slip away. Clark plucks the ball out of the sky.

Alvin Harper glides downfield. Steve Young circles the field.

Owens stomps on the star. George Teague stomps on Owens.

Matchups on big stage

The images linger because most of them unfolded on the postseason stage. The 49ers and Cowboys have collided seven times in the playoffs, including six times in the NFC Championship Game. Those contests span the decades – three consecutive years in the early 1970s, once in January 1982 and three straight years in the ’90s – and connect eras (Staubach to Troy Aikman, or John Brodie to Montana and Young).

Not coincidentally, the 49ers-Cowboys winner usually hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. Five of the six times the teams met in the NFC Championship Game, the winner also won the Super Bowl.

"The Cowboys games seemed like the Super Bowl – people remember those almost more," former tight end Brent Jones said, referring to the conference title games in the 1992, ’93 and ’94 seasons. "It was the two behemoths squaring off. Everybody around the league knew the two best teams in football were playing."

That’s obviously not the case this season. Now the 49ers and Cowboys both are scrambling to become relevant again – San Francisco hasn’t made the playoffs since 2002 and Dallas owns only one playoff win in the past 14 years.

If there’s any thread through the series history, it’s the Cowboys standing atop the heap and the 49ers persistently trying to shove them aside. Dallas won all three playoff matchups in the ’70s, culminating in the ’72 title game when Riley fumbled an onside kick amid a dramatic, Staubach-led, fourth-quarter comeback.

The Catch turns tide

Then, finally, The Catch catapulted the 49ers to the Super Bowl for the first time.

The rivalry’s reincarnation in the 1990s carried a similar theme, with Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin leading Dallas to back-to-back victories in the conference championship game. Then, finally, Young and Co. knocked off the champs on Jan. 15, 1995.

"The image of Steve taking victory laps around the stadium is burned in my mind," Jones said of that game. "It was the thrill of finally getting there, because we thought we were the better team in ’92 and ’93 and we didn’t come out on top."

Those games resonate with some current 49ers players, who recalled watching the 49ers-Cowboys postseason matchups as kids. Tight end Delanie Walker, who grew up near Los Angeles in a family with several 49ers fans, remembered the intensity of the games as much as the outcomes.

"That was always the most exciting game to watch," Walker said. "It was a hard, physical battle. … We’re very aware of the history. There’s bad blood between the 49ers and Cowboys."

Running back Kendall Hunter has roots on the other side of the rivalry. He grew up in Tyler, Texas, less than 100 miles from Dallas, in a family prone to big, football-fueled get-togethers.

Hunter has an uncle, Kenny, who stood out in the clan because he was a 49ers fan.

"Growing up in Texas, that’s all you know – the Cowboys," Hunter said. "I know the rivalry is very big."

Still a rivalry

Any tension has thawed in recent years, mostly because the 49ers and Cowboys haven’t met in the playoffs since the ’94 title game. The teams have played only two regular-season games in the past eight seasons, a 35-22 Dallas win in November 2008 and a 34-31 Cowboys victory in September 2005.

Even so, the deeper history between these teams is not lost on today’s players.

"You’ll probably see a lot of showboating and trash talking Sunday," Walker said.

Great 8

We’ve chosen the eight most unforgettable 49ers-Cowboys games. They include:

Dec. 23, 1972 – Two words: Preston Riley.

Oct. 11, 1981 – 49ers beat the ‘Boys, finally.

Jan. 17, 1993 – Cowboys begin a new reign.

Jan. 15, 1995 – 49ers topple the two-time champs.

For summaries of all eight games, see Page B6.

8 is not enough: Classic 49ers-Cowboys games


1. 49ers 28, Cowboys 27, NFC Championship Game, Jan. 10, 1982: It’s been nearly 30 years since Joe Montana rolled right and Dwight Clark reached toward the heavens to make The Catch. The 49ers already had a history of postseason futility against Dallas – three consecutive losses in the early 1970s – and this win ended the frustration and propelled San Francisco to its first Super Bowl.

2. Cowboys 30, 49ers 28, NFC divisional playoffs, Dec. 23, 1972: Roger Staubach as miracle worker or Preston Riley as eternal goat? Try both. The Cowboys trailed 28-16 with less than two minutes left, but Staubach orchestrated a furious comeback. Riley helped by fumbling an onside kick, paving the way for Staubach’s decisive touchdown pass to Ron Sellers.

3. 49ers 38, Cowboys 28, NFC Championship Game, Jan. 15, 1995: Much as they did 14 years earlier, the 49ers shed their Texas-sized albatross. They had lost to Dallas in the title game the previous two years, but this time they jumped ahead 21-0 and held on to win. Troy Aikman’s three interceptions helped.

4. Cowboys 38, 49ers 21, NFC Championship Game, Jan. 23, 1994: Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson called a Dallas radio sports show during the week and offered a Namath-esque proclamation, saying, "We will win the game." Then his team did that, on its way to winning the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year.

5. Cowboys 30, 49ers 20, NFC Championship Game, Jan. 17, 1993: In the teams’ first postseason meeting since The Catch 11 years earlier, the 49ers couldn’t contain … Alvin Harper? Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin did their customary damage, but Harper caught three passes for 117 yards.


1. 49ers 41, Cowboys 24, Sept. 24, 2000: Terrell Owens sprinted to the star at the 50-yard line of Texas Stadium after catching a second-quarter touchdown pass from Jeff Garcia. Owens tried the ploy again in the fourth quarter, when he caught another TD pass – and Dallas safety George Teague chased him down and decked him.

2. 49ers 45, Cowboys 14, Oct. 11, 1981: The 49ers had lost their five previous games to the Cowboys, starting with the ’72 title game. But Montana and Co. raced to a 24-0 lead and cruised home, making a strong statement – which they backed up three months later, finally beating Dallas in the postseason.

3. 49ers 21, Cowboys 14, Nov. 13, 1994: Again, 49ers fans carried a Cowboys complex, after three consecutive losses to Dallas. Steve Young threw touchdown passes to Jerry Rice and Brent Jones, and Aikman threw three interceptions – foreshadowing his turnover-filled title game two months later.

– Ron Kroichick

Sept 2011 MMQB

Monday Morning Quarterback

Peter King: Well gentlemen, we are about to start another edition of The BFFL. We are entering year seventeen for one of the most power sports entities. Since it has been a couple of years since I have written a column for the BFFL, I will take this moment to write all of you about some of the off season maneuvering and preview the start of the season. I was recently at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ when I bumped into the most unlikely of people I would ever bump into at an airport, who was this Starbucks venti chugging stranger but none other than Team Owner/President/General Manager/Head Coach/Spiritual Consoler/Messiah David Koresh of the defending 3 time BFFL Champion Branch Davidians. Here is a breakdown of our recent conversation at airport this very hot Wednesday afternoon.

King: Uh……Hello David, long time no see, it has been a couple of years since our last chat, how are the Branch Davidians looking getting ready to kick off their 15 year in The BFFL?

Koresh: Come on Peter its The Branch Davidians show some respect…….we aren’t you average run of the mill organization like say The Rogainers.

King: Sounds good David, no need to get on your bad side, the readers are very anxious for the start of The BFFL this season. Let’s take a moment to look back on another championship season for The Branch Davidians

Koresh: Well last year’s team was one of the more unorthodox teams that the team from Mt. Carmel has yielded that’s for sure. This team had more up and downs than a girl from Abilene Christian….but that’s another story. The team didn’t have the dominate performance from a running back that we saw from the Marshal Plan of 2001 or TD98, it was a one man dog show and his name was poodles…..errr Michael Vick.

King: That is for sure, are you surprised he was an undrafted free agent pick up?

Koresh: Oh tubby, if you were half as smart as you wrote you would be the commissioner of The BFFL! What did surprise me about the Michael Vick pick last year was the fact that nobody picked him up until Friday at the end of the week. But as a talent evaluator I left no stone unturned. And don’t forget Peter, when other teams talk about winning championships, we talk about how many!

King: We understand that there was some drama for the start of the 2011 BFFL Draft. Can you please explain what happened that way our readers get a good understanding of what happened?

Koresh: You and me both you Starbucksoholic. Commissioner Brian……….errrr Bug Selig decided to have some fun with the draft and play a so called Draft joke two days before the draft. That went about as well as a Rogainer’s fantasy football season, all hype and no results. Bud Selig and Donald Fehr, thought that it would be good draft drama to send out about 100 versions of the draft order, how funny it was at the time…not. The actual twist of the story was involved a couple of days later when yours truly the messiah found out that The Branch Davidians were somewhere on the other side of the draft. Now let me set the record straight for a second. This owner has always been of the opinion to change things up to add intrigue to the draft. I have proposed in the past that the draft order be determined 30 minutes before the draft with all the owners present. Instead Commissioner Selig and Donald Fehr thought that it would be so funny to start a disinformation campaign and to quote, “Hey I got this idea from you”. Funny at no time did I ever hear an apology instead what did I get a 5 year response to a question, “I know you are but what am I?” Oh well what’s done is done and it’s time to move on. But I would like to award the Big 12 Dan Beebe Commissioner of the Year award to Commissioner Selig. Your vision for the future of the league rivals that of the Big 12, The Titanic, and the XFL.

King: Wow, David sounds like a lot of drama for a draft, some owners that I have talked to would ask how would this impact you draft strategy and is it really important?

Koresh: How many of those owners you talk to have one multiple BFFL championships?

King: Uh………….not sure, I will get back to you on that one David.

Koresh: Yeah you make sure you get back to me on that one and make sure it isn’t some first time owner. 😉

King: What about you prospects for this year’s team and can you talk about some of the guys you are excited to see in a Branch Davidians uniform?

Koresh: Well Peter, my love for this team rivals your love for an Orange Mocha Frapachino. Personally I think we have a strong nucleus at the running back position, wide outs and qb, in other words I will make this easy for your small brain to comprehend we are gonna roll the competition.

King: Those are mighty strong words for an owner that has never won back to back championships in this league.

Koresh: Touché my overly large Jersey white guy. We have never been to the pinnacle of winning back to back championships. However, if the Rogainers can finally win a championship. Anything is possible.

King: Any teams in the league that will be tough to get by once the regular season is kick off?

Koresh: Have you not heard a word I have told you, quit looking at Starbucks Peter it never closes.

King: Sorry David for not giving you my undivided attention.

Koresh: It’s okay, I get mesmerized by my greatness too! The usually cast of teams are on the schedule, Donald Fehr New Jersey Nets…….errr Criminoles, next. HCP and the Trojans cancel each other out because they are the same owner! Yaks Pack doesn’t stand a chance since half of the team on his ever famous cheat sheet has now retired or playing for the 49ers.

King: You forgot to mention Treffer Hogs, The Horns, Brown Power, and the new team to the league the Nigerian Nightmares.

Koresh: Nigerian who? Oh yeah, I have much respect for President Obama. As for the other teams, I am sure they will be just fine competing for the Toilet Bowl championship.

King: And finally what about your long time rival The Rogainers?

Koresh: Peter, for there to be a rivalry the opposing team has to win from time to time. I just hope the Rogainers continue to be run like the 49ers, MLB and the BIG 12 all together.

King: Well David, my flight leave in another 20 minutes but I am going to stand in line to get another coffee before my plane boards, it was great talking to you and good luck to you and the league.

Koresh: Thanks again Peter, hopefully we will see each other sooner rather than later.


 Ten Things I Think I Think

1. I haven’t seen a draft fubar this big since the 2003 BFFL draft season when The Branch Davidians selected Jamal Lewis 2nd overall ahead of a young LaDainian Tomlinson. I think that speaks for itself.


2. I think the moment that gave me pause about the Peyton Manning injury/surgery was when HOF quarterback Joe Montana (Remember him folks back when the 49ers were relevant!) said during his operation and rehabilitation prior to the 1986 season took him a year to come back. And I remember covering Newsweek at the time for the Giants, that was almost the end of Joe career at the time. Joe himself said that it’s a long process that can’t be rushed. Good luck to the owners of the “The Peyton”, hope Cooper is still around.


3. I think it’s hard to believe with all the mayhem of the last six months that there’s a real live football game to be played Thursday. Good one too. Rogainers-Davidians.


4. I think, speaking of the world champs, the America’s Team : 2010 Branch Davidians showed why they are the flag ship of The BFFL, they are the first team to win the title in three different decades the 90’s, 2000’s and the start of the new decade the 2010 season, way to go Davidians, let’s see what the future shows.


a. Me loves coffee.


b. Great vision by the commish, replace one of the few Hispanic owners in Rudy Alba’s Phat Crew, with another token white guy, oh well we of the Hispanic community have baptized Owner Dan “El Hefe Numero Uno” Gilbert Hispanic back in the summer of 1999. Congrats Dan on your graduation to the big leagues.


c. HCP, come on man, you are due.


d. HCP, that Vikings/Eagles game, so close but yet Vickfar.


e. Good bye Fred Taylor, you were one of the greats.


5.  We said good bye this summer to one of the staple owners of the BFFL, Joey Cobb you will be truly missed but never ever forgotten.

“Here is my best Joey Cobb story from the BFFL draft of 1999, I whole hardly convinced this owner that Kordell Stewart was going to throw for 30 tds and rush for 10. And this owner had the moxie to make the pick. And to no surprise with the 4th pick overall in the draft The Fighting Elvi select Kordell Stewart……..still brings a tear to my eye!”

6. I think if you want to follow me in various media this year, here’s my schedule:


• Monday: Monday Morning Quarterback on The BFFL, posted by 8 a.m. Start the coffee fund for this one!


• Friday: “Pickem Contest” with stalwarts Dr.Z, Irv Cross, Jimmy the Greek, Braino….let the games begin.


Other assignments will float in and out. I’ll let you know when they’re coming.


7. I think I’d be surprised to see Peyton this year, better luck next year owner of “The Peyton”


8. I think I’d be surprised if the Rogainers win it all this year but that can be said for any year, just pick and year and this statement is true.


9. Since unemployment is high and you live near the Criminoles you’d better lock up the house and the keep the pets inside.


10. I think these are my non BFFL football thoughts of the week:


a. SEC, SEC, SEC, this owner already owns a “SECede” shirt, Get them while they last.


b. Please folks let’s look at the big picture.


c. Happy Labor Day. I hope you spend it, watching college football. Man terps fan, what is with the 1975 Houston Astros uniforms, yuk!.


d. I am coming to my view on conference realignment. Here it comes!


e. Coffeenerdness: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………Starbucks!


f. I am not going to talk about baseball, another white guy game!


g. Almost there…..keep reading to find out the secrets of the world!!!!!


h. Okay here are my thoughts on college football’s great experiment the changing of the landscape. I am going to start off by talking about a story I heard back in 1990, with the impending departure of Arkansas to the SEC, the great experiment at the time was to form the “Big 16”, right now you are going to say what the hell is that? Well at the time the old Big 8 and the SWC were on the verge of joining together, OU, OSU, NU, UC, ISU, KU, KSU, MU with SWC remnants UT, A&M, SMU, TCU, UH, BU, TTU, RU.  This was going to be the first super conference at the time with an eventual radical idea of having a conference championship. The thought at the time was the Big 16 would have a conference championship game as well as the newly expanded SEC. The idea was to have a Big 10 conference championship game as well as a Pac 10 conference champion game. Again by having these 4 conference championship games we were as close to a playoff in college football as we have ever been in our life time. Now fast forward to today landscape, the big picture idea is still the same. I think that once the reorganization of college football happens we will have the “Final 4” in football. Two games and then a championship game to decide the national champion once and for all. The money involved in something like this would be estimated in the Billions, yes with a B. Is there going to have to be sacrifice to get to this model, absolutely, but if the owners in the BFFL can ponder this question for a moment. What would be even better: A date with OU in October, or a game with OU for the National Championship in January?  It’s going to be a wild an unexpected ride, but somehow things always work out in the end.