Month: June 2008

Seasons now completely updated!

Check out the 1st 13 seasons of the BFFL, as they have now all been archived in the SEASONS section.  Enjoy!


Brown Power Back to Back Champions!

How 2 years can change an entire 13 year career in the BFFL.  At the beginning of the 12th season of the BFFL the commish began the archiving of the history of the BFFL. During that process it came to light that the franchise Brown Power, despite some early success had been in the midst of a dismal multiyear slump that made for some interesting and entertaining banter on Draft day of BFFL XII. Since that fateful day, Brown Power has morphed from BFFL doorstop to BFFL domination and is about to attempt what only one other team has had a chance to do in the 13 year history of the BFFL, THREE-PEAT.  The 14th season of the BFFL is about to get underway, wow we are gettin old!