Month: January 2008

Welcome to the BFFL

Welcome to the home of the BFFL.  The BFFL is a fantasy footlball league in Central Texas that will be in our 14th season.  There are 10 teams in this league.  Contained within these pages are the history of this league and the teams and owners who have or currently own franchises in this great institution.

Congratulations Brown Power, BFFL XIII stuff up soon!!

Welcome back to the institution that is the BFFL.  As we prepare for Superbowl 41 the BFFL is wrapping up BFFL XIII, which from here forth will be known as the silent year.  The commish was just to wrapped up to provide much commentary on the 13th edition of the BFFL.  The 13 edition ended just like it began, with the trophy firmly entrenched within the confines of Brown Power HQ.

This year we once again return all ten franchises back to the BFFL.

Now all eyes are on the Defending Super Bowl Champion Criminoles as they prepare their draftboards for the upcoming season!

Good Luck Gentlemen!

The Commish.